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AHT Water-Loop Cooling Refrigeration System


AHT Vento Water-Loop Cooling System in Thailand Ai Plus Co.,Ltd
Ai Plus Co.,Ltd. was found  under the inspiration to research, develop and invent the products especially Eutectic Mobile Freezer, Eutectic Pack and Eutectic Deep Freezer which could save operating, investment cost and lower carbon footprint. Moreover, the products are safe, egonomic design and environment friendly. Our products are now available for R290 (Propane).
Ai Plus is AHT Thailand Dealer and AHT Service Partner. We are the one to implement AHT Water-Loop Cooling System in Thailand since 2014 till now. The Water-Loop Cooling Sysem employ just only Air Dry Cooler which could reduce the over all power consumption, preventive maintenance and refrigerant charged. The system is introduced to market to lower the Carbon Footprint.
Product Application
Ai-T140e   Ai-P140e
Ai-T140e is the Tricycle  equipped with a  Mobile Eutectic Freezer for both Chilling and Freezing Application. By the Eutectic Refrigeration System, the freezer is required only plug-in in the night time for 6-8 hours and then the mobile freezer will be ready for the whole day operation.   Ai-P140e is the Push Cart equipped with a Mobile Eutectic Freezer for both Chilling  and Freezing Application.  By the Eutectic Refrigeration System,  the freezer is required only plug-in in the night time for 6-8 hours  and then the mobile freezer will be ready for the whole day operation.
Eu-Plus   AI-200e2
Eu-Plus is a high quality Eutectic Packs for bothl application of chilling application temperature from 0 to -15oC and freezing application temperature -15 to -32oC. The pack is made of HDPE.    AI-200e2 is the Brand New Generation Of the MDPE Plastic Mobile Insulated Freezer (PUR, Polyurethane Foam Insulation) good for all range of product temperature from 0 to -34oC.
Supermarket Freezer   Ai-430
Supermarket Freezer is re-examines the maximum load volume limits in this appliance class. The result: A generation of refrigerators and freezers that do not compromise on performance. That means: Sell more with less effort and a perfect look with little maintenance. All of these win factors in everyday marketing make the AHT concept so successful   Multideck Cabinets is low maintenance requirement and service-friendly design also underline the very good economic framework conditions of a refrigeration cabinet range with the VENTO product family.


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